Our products and solutions

VIPay Technologies offers computer and data processing requisites, computer systems and communications equipment, computer accessories and software solutions.

Computer and data processing requisites

To capture and process raw data into useful and meaningful information you can analyze and benefit from is a long and tedious process, but a process that is necessary for every organization that wants to make informed strategic decisions.

With our computer and data processing requisites, you can reduce your operations and management costs while ensuring a seamless and accurate process of collecting and managing data.

Computer systems and communications equipment

Different businesses and different industries all have different needs! We can help you assess the computer needs of your business and establish a network of computers and a communication system that will promote efficiency within your teams.

Effective communication is an integral part of any collaborative process. A properly set up system can enhance collaboration between teams and increase productivity.

Computer accessories

With so many options available and so many different brands on the market, choosing the most suitable computer hardware and accessories for your personal or business needs may be a bit difficult. You also need to make sure any additional components you get are compatible with your existing equipment. We can help you overcome this challenge!

Our team is highly skilled in assessing your particular needs and finding the best brands and products to meet your requirements and fit into your existing setup.

Software solutions

Work with a team of experts to pick the best software for your company needs. We offer a wide range of customization services, including development of new and custom features, customization of the existing features of software products, integration of custom designs or ready templates and others.

We also offer trading softwares, infrastructure and solutions to facilitate trading activities and provide financial analysis of stocks, options or currencies. With these solutions, you can execute your online trading seamlessly and from any device.

Trading Platform Development

Our team is dedicated to creating a cutting-edge technology software platforms for online trading. With extensive experience in creating solutions for algorithmic trading, we create custom trading software solutions that boast high performance and meet the needs of traders, retailers, brokers and other professionals.

Our solution include financial data visualization to ensure that users will enjoy the best possible online trading experience.

We offer a wide variety of computer accessories, computer systems, data processing requisites and communications equipment.

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